We aim to provide a broad of fitness at varying intensity levels. That said, we recognise the need to continually grow and add new and diverse workouts from the hottest trainers around. You'll see new faces our list of trainers each month.

Live workouts: Trainers host workouts live from the studio a minimum of three times a week*, with schedules continually reviewed based on engagement to provide the most relevant classes. When users connect their app to an approved fitness tracking device, trainers engage with the class based on heartrate to offer extra encouragement.

On-demand workouts: Dozens of new on-demand classes are added to the app every month, ensuring users can access new content to suit their preferences.

Classes are led by instructors, guiding the user through the class from warm up, to each exercise and cool down, with planned water breaks shown on screen.

Classes cover a range of fitness levels and categories, including:

  • Strength
  • Cardio
  • Balance

Some of our Trainers include:

-    Charlie 'boy' Peters - 3x Muay Thai boxing world champion. Current UK No.1 BXR head trainer Level 3 personal training

-    Kirsty Hendey – Placed 3rd on Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins, Celebrity trainer, Level 3 Personal Trainer

-    Verity Bowditch - Made in Chelsea Star Pilates Instructors

-    David Templer - F45 Head Coach, Level 3 Personal trainer

-    Mandy Moveit- Group training instructor- Third space London, Turf Games athlete. Level 4 trainer

-    Sean Vian - Ex military Para trooper, Lead Instructor for Be Military fit and Franchise Owner London. Level 3 personal trainer

-    Anna Henrika - Core collective Yoga Instructor

-    Lauren Arps - L.A based trainer, Nike athlete

-    Yasmin - KXU Group training Instructor, Level Personal trainer3

-    Lauren white - Robox trainer, Level 3 Personal Trainer

-    Marie - LA based trainer ,Yoga instructor

Keep a lookout for new additions, but don't worry we'll drop you a message when new ones join.