The Fittest App is free. Users can view content for Free with a limited access account for up to 2mins.

For full and complete access to the App users can register and subscribe to one of our 2 packages:

1. Monthly subscription plan

2. Annual subscription plan

For more details visit our website to register and and subscribe.

Whether you register and login or whether you're simply browsing through the Get Started option, you will be presented with a couple of screens to help us personlise content based on your fitness goals:

1. Your level of fitness;

2. Your fitness goal.

You will then be presented with the home screen where you can:

  • - view and access livestream content
  • - see your personlised fitness plan in My Fitness, or create your own fitness journeys.
  • - browse through our list of trainers and their fitness content.
  • - access our ever growing library of fitness categories, through:

- Cardio

- Strength

- Balance

  • click on the search icon and filter your search options to find the fitness workouts that are ideal for you.

The settings or side menu enables you to:

  • Update your profile
  • Set your communication preferences
  • See the legal stuff
  • Request help and support
  • Logout
  • Current app version